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Research Topics:
Research Area
  • Securing Aviation
  • Protecting from Terrorist Attacks
  • Securing Borders
  • Securing Cyberspace
  • Preventing Terrorism
  • Managing Incidents
  • Securing Critical Infrastructure
Priority R&D Need
  • High-Throughput Cargo Screening
  • Cost-effective Electronic Imaging for Bulk Air Cargo
  • Passenger Identification and Vetting
  • Rapid Detection and Alarming of Explosives
  • Distinguishing Threats from Non-threats on Passengers
  • Efficient and Accurate Detection of Complex Threat Concealment on Passengers and Carried Property
  • Personal Protective Equipment for all CBRNE Hazards
  • Modeling and Predictive Analytics for Decision Making
  • Disease and Biological Threat Detection, Identification, and Classification in Field Operational Environments
  • Biological Attack Verification
  • Cross-border Tunnel Detection, Surveillance, and Forensics
  • Infrastructure Tunnel Surveillance
  • Integrated and Improved Sensors, Systems, and Data
  • Actionable Intelligence Gathering and Sharing
  • Dark Aircraft and Vessel Detection, Tracking, and Interdiction
  • Expedited People Screening
  • Maritime Surveillance and Communications in Remote Environments
  • Distributed Cloud-based Communications and Monitoring - Associated/Related Efforts
  • Human Aspects of Cybersecurity-Associated/Related Efforts
  • Network and Systems Security-Associated/Related Efforts
  • Mobile Security-Associated/Related Efforts
  • Critical Infrastructure - Associated/Related Efforts
  • Software Assurance - Associated/Related Efforts
  • Cyber Security Outreach - Associated/Related Efforts
  • Cybersecurity for Law Enforcement-Associated/Related Efforts
  • Cyber Enabled Networked Physical Systems Security
  • Organic Explosive Compound and Homemade Explosives Detection
  • Improvised Explosive Device-related Anomaly Detection
  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Prevention
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Situational Awareness
  • Communications
  • Command, Control, Communications
  • Training and Exercises
  • Responder Health, Safety, Performance
  • Logistics and Resource Management
  • Casualty Management
  • Risk Assessment and Planning
  • Intelligence and Investigation
  • Dependency and Interdependency Analysis
  • Risk-Informed Prioritization
Topic Keywords
  • Agricultural Pathogen
  • Algorithms
  • All-Hazard