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BAA 12-10
Wireless Broadband Technology Demonstrator

A. Goals of the DHS Next Generation Tactical Wireless Broadband effort are: 1. LMR Over Broadband: Demonstrate capabilities performed today using LMR networks over broadband networks and demonstrate whether current industry solutions can meet law enforcement grade of service (e.g., low delay and high availability). This goal will also verify that devices? simplex (off infrastructure) direct mode communications capabilities are not affected. 2. Broadband Services to Tactical Users: Demonstrate data and video services to tactical users in the field. Services to be provided include biometric checks, database queries, image and file transfer, location based services, and streaming video. 3. Remote Radio Management: Demonstrate the ability to manage and configure devices through the broadband networks. Capabilities to be demonstrated include: Over-the-air programming (OTAP), Over-the-air rekey (OTAR), dynamic talk group management and the ability to push applications and maintain configuration management of devices both LMR and broadband devices. 4. Interconnect public safety and commercial network: Demonstrate the ability to seamlessly roam from public safety networks, commercial networks and LMR networks. Additional capability to be demonstrated includes demonstrating interoperability by connecting users operating on different networks. B. To achieve the above goals, BAA 12-10 calls for research and development in four Technical Topic Areas (TTAs) corresponding to each of the Goals identified above. Each TTA has two phases: (1) research and development leading to proof-of-concept demonstrations in controlled environments (i.e., laboratory); and (2) field demonstrations of capabilities with DHS users. Government will review the results of Phase 1 prior to awarding field demonstration phase. Appendix A provides a detailed description of each of these four TTAs. C. Offerors interested in this opportunity may submit a white paper and, if deemed of particular value, a proposal for one or more of the four TTAs in accordance with the procedures outlined herein. DHS encourages the formation of partnerships and teaming arrangements to propose solutions that address multiple (ideally all four) TTAs, to achieve more comprehensive technical solutions and/or more extensive end-to-end solutions. Submitted white papers shall include research and development including a Proof of Concept with the field demonstrations in an operational. Proof of Concept phase will be conducted with technical personnel in various potential locations including Washington DC, Florida (Miami, National Law Enforcement Communications Center (NLECC) (Orlando)) and Colorado (NIST) facilities. Field demonstrations will be conducted with operational users located in various locations identified in the Proof of Concept phase and field locations on the northern and southern borders. For the field demonstration, scenarios will be established to cover a range of operating conditions including rural and urban settings, various terrain conditions, temperatures associated with Northern and Southern borders, and time of day. D. The objective of the above identified structure is to support immediate technology transition wherever possible, and to create transition paths for new capabilities from the outset.


TTA-1 - LMR Voice over Broadband

Proposals under this TTA should describe a solution that provides mission critical voice connectivity to tactical DHS operators using any and all available wireless networks (public safety, commercial and LMR). Proposed solutions should use existing DHS LMR radios inventory as much as technically possible.

TTA-2 - Video and Data to Tactical User Devices

Proposals under this TTA should describe a solution that provides broadband data and video to tactical users. This may include, but is not limited to, commercially available devices, technologies, networks (e.g., smart phones operating on 3G/4G networks), and may include DHS developed applications and tools such as biometric devices, license plate readers, and sensors.

TTA-3 - Remote Management

Proposals under this TTA should describe a solution that efficiently manages large numbers of devices (LMR and commercial) from a central location. This management includes Over the Air Rekeying, Over the Air Reprogramming and the ability to zero, or wipe, a device.

TTA-4 - Network Integration

Proposals under this TTA should focuses on creating a seamless nationwide footprint with high Grade of Service to meet mission requirements. This grade of service includes low latency and high availability including access to network resources even during periods of high network congestion.

Key Dates
Solicitation Open Date:
White Paper Registration Deadline:
09/26/2012 04:30 PM ET
White Paper Submission Deadline:
09/26/2012 04:30 PM ET
Submission Deadline:
12/31/2012 04:30 PM ET

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