Past Solicitations
BAA 14-003 Call 0004
DHS S&T CBD for Chemical and Biological R&D

This call will consist of the solicitation, receipt, and evaluation of a Full Proposal, limited to 30 pages, excluding the Formal Transmittal Letter, Cover Page, Summary of Costs and Related Information, Table of Contents and resumes/biographical information for proposed performers. Once the Full Proposal peer/scientific review process has been completed, offerors will be notified via e-mail, or in writing, that its proposal has been selected, selected but not funded, or not selected for award.


TTA-1 - Creation and maintenance of an antigenic sample repository

Diagnostics and Agent Characterization: Research to develop rapid, robust, and affordable diagnostic tools to support detection, response, recovery, and real-time bio-surveillance and situational awareness. CBD(s) interest in diagnostics includes efforts in the areas of biological assays, sample preparation, advanced diagnostics (e.g. multiplex, high throughput, low-cost, field-deployable, complex sample matrices (environmental, milk, blood, oral/nasal, sputum), multiple target types, pathogen agnostic diagnostics), and agent characterization of chemical or biological materials.

Key Dates
Solicitation Open Date:
Registration Deadline:
03/12/2015 03:00 PM ET
Submission Deadline:
03/12/2015 03:00 PM ET

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