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Proposals are due by 4:00 p.m. EST time on the closing date. There will be no exceptions to the time and date on which responses are due, unless determined otherwise by the Government. Proposals received after the closing date/time will not be considered.


TTA-1 - SOO A - Increase Exposure Protection at the Site of Structural Firefighter PPE Interfaces

The purpose of this Statement of Objectives (SOO) is to solicit for solutions that reduce the risk of skin absorption of harmful toxins (e.g., smoke and combustion products) and carcinogens at the site of Structural Firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) interfaces (i.e. hood to coat, hood to face piece, collar, wristlet to glove, waist to pant, pant to boot, etc.)

TTA-2 - SOO B - Self-Detecting and Decontaminating Personal Protective Equipment

Exposure to hazardous materials (HAZMAT) is often mitigated by the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). However, PPE that First Responders use for protection can often remain unsafe after initial exposure due to dangerous contaminants that can remain on their garments. Current baseline garment technology does not notify the wearer of exposure to a hazardous or infectious substance. Filling this gap would allow for early detection and notification to the wearer when they are exposed to a hazardous or infectious substance while wearing a garment that could also decontaminate or initiate decontamination itself.

TTA-3 - SOO C - 3D Scanner for VBIED Content Mapping

Develop a delivery and aiming system that includes a remotely controlled adjustable apparatus and a computer interface with 3-dimensional (3D) content mapping solution. The selected solution will also provide an external aiming point and trajectory capability or will be designed such that this feature can be added on in the future. The ultimate goal is for a device that can produce 3D imagery as well as have penetration capability. The system shall provide the ability to accurately identify a possible explosive device which will enable the bomb technician to develop the best render safe procedure with precision and accuracy.

TTA-4 - SOO D - Integrate Field-based Hazard Detection Instrument Output and Provide Actionable Analysis and Steps

The purpose of this technology is to provide a software tool that integrates data from multiple instruments and sources, applies data analytic techniques for better determining the hazard class or identifying the unknown chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agent, and provides the user with a decision matrix (e.g., other tests that may be required, or suggest if further screening is needed). Additionally, this will require data interoperability with future technology, to include data sharing and output standards.

TTA-5 - SOO G - Simultaneous Radio Transmissions for Greater Situational Awareness

First Responders need the ability to exchange information rapidly in high intensity situations; one unfortunate result of which is they often transmit radio calls that coincide with each other. This can keep valuable and potentially life-saving information from being transmitted at all, leading to a lack of situational awareness at critical times. The purpose of this system is to facilitate call queuing to assure that multiple simultaneous voice transmissions will arrive at their destination intact. The goal of this project is to ensure coinciding radio transmissions from the same mission or response scene are not lost.

TTA-6 - Readily accessible, high-fidelity simulation tools to support training and exercises in incident management and response

(No SOO, all information is below). Requirements for this priority include high-fidelity virtual simulation tools that would allow responders from multiple agencies, disciplines, and jurisdictions to train for coordinated incident response. Participants defined high-fidelity as tools that are as realistic as possible, immersive in the scenario, and include virtual reality capabilities. The technology for these tools currently exists in various forms, from video games to flight simulators, but it needs to incorporate realistic emergency response policies, missions, and equipment. Making realistic simulation tools available to responders on their desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablet computers holds promise for substantially reducing the cost of providing exercises when weighed against more traditional models.

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01/16/2015 04:00 PM ET
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01/16/2015 04:00 PM ET

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