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BAA 14-003 Call 0015
Creation and Validation of Saxitoxins Detection Assays

Chemical and Biological Research and Development CBD.01 - Diagnostics and Agent Characterization: Research to develop rapid, robust, and affordable diagnostic tools to support detection, response, recovery, and real-time bio-surveillance and situational awareness. CBD's interest in diagnostics includes efforts in the areas of biological assays, sample preparation, advanced diagnostics (e.g. multiplex, high throughput, low-cost, field-deployable, complex sample matrices (environmental, milk, blood, oral/nasal, sputum), multiple target types, pathogen agnostic diagnostics), and agent characterization of chemical or biological materials. CBD's interest includes new or improved rapid diagnostic tests that facilitate foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak surveillance, response, and recovery in livestock.


TTA-1 - Creation and Validation of Saxitoxins Detection Assays.

The performer will create, test, evaluate, and characterize de novo and novel monoclonal antibodies to produce prototype assays for further validation against the panel of Government determined inclusivity (toxins) and exclusivity materials and compounds. The performer will work with Government guidance to validate the final assays, and shall have the capability of commercially and rapidly producing them for sale to other designated end users. DHS may also conduct specialized and specific analysis, test, evaluation, and validation of assays to help characterize and deploy the assays for use by DHS customers with areas of responsibility for biological defense, detection, and surveillance.

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01/19/2016 03:30 PM ET
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01/19/2016 03:30 PM ET

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