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BAA 14-004
Peptide Array Host-based Diagnostics for Detection of Human Exposure to Biological Agents

The intent of this solicitation is to leverage prior government and industry investments which have examined quality control processes for array manufacturing, array content, sample handling, assay chemistries and data analysis algorithms to optimize the technology and have enabled the association of blood samples with disease states. Proposals should provide experimental designs that answer key questions to understanding the utility of peptide array technology, which include: 1) the ability to differentiate diseases with high specificity, 2) the ability to capture a disease during early symptomatic stages to support clinical diagnosis, 3) the ability to differentiate acute vs chronic vs previous exposure vs vaccinated individuals, and 4) the ability to obtain reliable and reproducible results by leveraging a defined quality control process during manufacturing and accommodating sample variability.


TFA-1 - Evaluation of commercial or near commercial peptide array host-based diagnostic assays and platforms.

TFA-1 requests the evaluation of commercial or near commercial peptide array host-based diagnostic assays and platforms to facilitate clinical infectious disease surveillance, as well as biodefense-related disease outbreak surveillance, response, and recovery. Additional use cases include continuous infectious disease surveillance, mission related deployment, and mass triage scenarios.

Key Dates
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06/27/2014 04:30 PM ET
Submission Deadline:
06/27/2014 04:30 PM ET

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