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Mobile Application Security Research and Development

This solicitation (HSHQDC-16-R-B0006) is a call to the DHS S&T CSD 5-yr BAA HSHQDC-14-R-B0005. This solicitation is for the Mobile Application Security Research and Development project.


TTA-1 - Continuous Validation & Threat Protection for Mobile Applications

This TTA seeks innovative approaches to validating security throughout a mobile application's operational use, as measured against the security criteria established by the Federal Mobile Application Security Vetting Working Group and currently maintained by National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) [6]. Also, this TTA seeks to develop capabilities, specific to the mobile device operating environment, to respond to current known threats and vulnerabilities, including, but not limited to the identification of malware or the identification of vulnerable code. This entails developing the capability to anticipate and, if needed, react to future threats and vulnerabilities while continuously monitoring a mobile device's security posture.

TTA-2 - Integrating Security throughout the Mobile Application Lifecycle

To enable incorporation of security mechanisms into the mobile app development process, this TTA seeks approaches and implementations to fortify mobile app development tools with functionality that, transparently to the developer, incorporates secure mechanisms as mobile apps are developed.

Key Dates
Solicitation Open Date:
White Paper Registration Deadline:
08/01/2016 04:30 PM ET
White Paper Submission Deadline:
08/01/2016 04:30 PM ET
Submission Deadline:
12/05/2016 04:30 PM ET

Amendments and Q&As
amendment icon Amendment # 2
Posted Date 10/3/16
The purpose of this Amendment is to note the Proposal due date has been extended.

amendment icon Amendment # 1
Posted Date 10/3/16
Industry Day Overview for the Mobile Application Security Research and Development project.

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